Accordion Hurricane Shutters Bonita Springs

Affordable & Strong Hurricane Protection in Bonita Springs

For the best accordion hurricane shutters in Bonita Springs, contact Storm Guard Solutions.  If you live in Bonita Springs, you understand how destructive and devastating a hurricane can be!  Located between Naples and Fort Myers, Bonita Springs is known for its numerous beaches and parks, including Lovers Key, Bonita Beach and Little Hickory.  Bonita Springs is also subject to both hurricanes and tropical storms.  Hurricane shutters are your first line of defense.  Without shutters, your property is subject to the heavy winds and rain that accompany storms endangering both you and your possessions.  Protect your home or business from damages caused by storms and hurricanes with accordion hurricane shutters from Storm Guard Solutions. Since 2004, Storm Guard Solutions, a Naples based, family owned and operated business has provided leading edge hurricane protection to homes and businesses in Bonita Springs, Florida. Don’t delay until the last minute!


Don’t get Caught Unprepared in Bonita Springs.  Our Accordion Hurricane Shutters are Strong, Simple, Easy to Use, Affordable, and Provide Protection!

An accordion hurricane shutter system is custom built for the openings of your home or business, and to provide protection from hurricane force winds and flying debris that can compromise your structure. It only takes a small opening to allow forced entry of water in to your property.  Our shutters meet all the standards of ASTM E 1866, E 1996, International Residential Code as well as State building codes and are tested to withstand a Category 5 hurricane.
Accordion Hurricane Shutters Bonita Springs
Accordion Hurricane Shutters Bonita Springs

What are the Advantages of Accordion Hurricane Shutters?

  • Accordion hurricane shutters take only minutes to deploy and when not in use they quickly and easily compact and will not obstruct your views or take away from the appearance of your home
  • Accordion hurricane shutters come in a wide variety of colors to match the colors of your home or business
  • Each shutter is equipped with a stainless-steel locking device to provide secure protection from forced entry. This is extremely important in the aftermath of a hurricane should you evacuate, but is also important when you may be on vacation or spending a portion of the year outside of South Florida
  • Accordion hurricane shutters can be easily opened manually from inside or outside of your property. This eliminates the need for you to use dangerous ladders for 2nd story windows. Shutters move along a bottom and top rail guide and an entire home can be closed and locked in a matter of minutes
  • When constructed of clear polycarbonate, this allows the ability to see outside as well as admitting light in to the structure

Contact Storm Guard Solutions for Accordion Hurricane Shutters in Bonita Springs 

Our team of experts have over 2 decades of experience providing quality hurricane protection in Southwest Florida. Our commitment is to provide our clients with superior products at fair prices. All our products are manufactured in our newly expanded and updated facility under strict quality control guidelines.  Our hurricane solutions and simple and affordable! Don’t wait until the next storm comes along, take care of “what matters most” and call Storm Guard Solutions today.

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