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Our Roll Down Hurricane Shutters Will Keep You Protected in Naples

If you are looking for hurricane shutters that will keep you protected during the next storm in Naples, roll down shutters are an excellent choice. Not only are roll down shutters easy to use, but they also offer excellent protection. In fact, our roll down shutters are built to withstand a category 5 storm. As a result, they will prevent flying debris from breaching your home or business. If you are looking for the best value on roll down hurricane shutters, contact our team at Storm Guard Solutions. Established in 2004, our team has decades of experience providing quality hurricane protection.

Roll Down Hurricane Shutter Repair Services

Along with roll down shutter installation, we also offer roll down shutter repair services. As we know, hurricanes and tropical storms are a real threat in Southwest Florida. As a matter of fact, Southwest Florida is one of the most hurricane prone areas in the state! From strong winds to flying debris, hurricane shutters provide a shield between you and the dangerous weather. However, your roll down hurricane shutters will not protect you if they are not working properly. In the event that your roll down shutters are not functioning properly, contact the repair team at Storm Guard Solutions. We can repair any make or model of roll down hurricane shutter system. We have the parts and an experienced team to complete your repair quickly and affordably.

roll down hurricane shutters Naples

How to Ensure your Roll Down Shutters Continue to Work Properly

It is important to have your shutters checked annually to ensure they are in working order, even if they did not get used. With this in mind, make sure you check and maintain your shutters by completing the following:


Keep them Clean

Keeping your shutters clean will help the operate properly.  For example, remove leaves and debris that may have accumulated in the tracks and clean the shutters using a mild detergent and water. 


Inspect Them

Twice a year you should open and close the shutters to visually inspect them.  Another good time to do this is before hurricane season begins to be sure they are ready if a storm should approach our area.


Every 6 Months Open and Close the Shutters

This will help keep your shutters operating smoothly as well as allow you to catch any signs of the shutters operating improperly.

If you do not maintain your shutters, they may not work when you need them too. Keep in mind that cleaning, inspecting, and having repairs made are important. Don’t make the mistake of forgetting about them until we have another storm headed our way.

Living in Naples it’s not a Question of IF we will be Subjected to Intense Storms or Hurricanes. In Fact, It’s a Question of WHEN.

Benefits of Roll Down Hurricane Shutters



Safety During a Storm

Our roll down hurricane shutters will protect your home or business during a storm. Not only will shutters prevent glass from breaking, but they will also prevent objects from coming into your property. Additionally, all of our shutters meet all the standards of ASTM E 1866, E 1996, International Residential Code as well as State building codes. Furthermore, our shutters are tested to withstand a Category 5 hurricane.


Increased Resale Values

You may want to sell your home, condo, or coach home at some point. Not only will roll down hurricane shutters help keep you safe during a storm, but they will also increase the resale value of your property. As mentioned earlier, hurricanes and tropical storms are a real threat. As such, prospective buyers pay attention to the quality and style of hurricane protection when looking at property. While hurricane shutters may not have a massive impact of the selling price of your home, they will make it more attractive to buyers.


Provides an Extra Layer of Security

In addition to providing safety, our roll down hurricane shutters will also help protect your property from intruders. Whether you are a part-time resident, or you are evacuating during a storm, shutters will help protect your home when you are gone. Our shutters offer security protection with locking capabilities that will keep them in the closed position.


Minimal Maintenance

One of the many benefits of roll down shutters includes the fact that they are easy to clean and maintain. In fact, all you need to do is periodically clean the tracks and wash the shutters with a mild detergent and water. Additionally, open and close the shutters twice a year, and visually inspect them for any problems.


Quick Deployment

Another advantage of roll down shutters is that they are quick and easy to deploy. In fact, they can be motorized or manually operated. In either case, deploying them is simple.

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