Hurricane Screens Ava Maria

Storm Guard Solutions offers the convenience, economy and utility of custom hurricane screens in Ava Maria.  Living in Ava Maria, it’s not a question of IF we will be subjected to intense storms or hurricanes, it’s more a question of WHEN.  If you are looking to invest in hurricane screens in Ava Maria to protect your home or business, call the professionals at Storm Guard Solutions.  We are here to serve you and provide quality hurricane screens so that your home or business is ready to protect you, your family and your belongings in the event of a hurricane or tropical storm. Storm Guard Solutions is a Naples based, family owned and operated company that has provided leading edge hurricane protection and service since 2004.

Hurricane screens function much like an aluminum rolling shutter system and runs on tracks. The significant difference is that hurricane screens will not provide the same security of a “wind abatement system”, and will not protect glass behind the screen.

What hurricane screens do provide is the ability to transform a home or businesses architectural openings such as garages, large windows, patios, lanais, balconies, etc. in to more usable living areas. This can be a great enhancement for entertaining, playing, or working. Hurricane Screens are ideal for garages. You can have a screen room when you want it and when your activity is over, roll the screen up and out of sight!

Hurricane screens are custom built by the experts at Storm Guard Solutions and come in a variety of colors and mesh designs to match your home or business.

hurricane screens ava maria
hurricane screens ava maria
hurricane storm screens ava maria
hurricane storm screens ava maria

Features of Hurricane Screens

• With its ability to reduce harmful UV rays, a hurricane screen will extend the life of furniture, fabrics and fixtures by reducing fading

• Hurricane screens provide all the advantages of a conventional screen but disappear when not in use

• By providing excellent cross ventilation, hurricane screens can reduce your home’s air conditioning expense by as much as 60%

• Hurricane screens are ideal for blocking insects, sun, loose debris while providing a relaxing view and ambience

• Our screens can be installed with either motorized or manually operated systems. Remote controls are also available for convenience which eliminates additional wall switches. With a remote-controlled system, you can operate your screen system from anywhere in your home

Our Hurricane Screens are Simple and Affordable!!

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