Accordion Hurricane Shutters

The Best Combination of Affordable, Protection and Ease of Use

If you are looking for hurricane protection that is easy to use when a storm is approaching consider accordion shutters.  Accordion shutters are one of the simplest and fastest shutters to deploy.  Within just a few minutes your home will be protected from harsh winds, pounding rains and flying debris.  In addition, when not in use, accordion shutters store away very easily and discretely thanks to their compact design. At Storm Guard Solutions, our accordion shutters make a great hurricane shutter solutions for all homes and businesses in Southwest Florida. Not only are our shutters of the highest quality, but they are also custom-built for your home or business. Contact us today for a FREE estimate.

Accordion Hurricane Shutters Repair Services

As we are all aware, hurricane shutters are your first line of defense against tropical storms and hurricanes. However, if your shutters are not working properly, they will not protect you. That being said, keeping your shutters in tip-top shape is important. In the event that your accordion shutters are not working properly, contact the repair team at Storm Guard Solutions. We can repair any make or model of accordion shutter system. In fact, we have the parts and an experienced team to complete your repair quickly and affordably. Find Out More Here>

Benefits of Accordion Hurricane Shutters


Provides Protection

One of the main benefits of accordion shutters is their ability to protect you from hurricane force winds. Additionally, our shutters are tested to withstand a Category 5 hurricane.


Easy to Use

Along with providing protection, our accordion shutters are easy to use. In other words, they are easy to deploy. Our shutters move along a bottom and top rail guide. In fact, you can enclose your home or business in minutes.


Added Security if you are Away

In the event you have evacuated prior to a storm, you can rest easy with our accordion shutters. Each shutter is equipped with a stainless steel locking device. This provides protection from forced entry. By and large, this is a huge benefit if you are away, or a seasonal resident.


Customized to your Home or Business

If you are concerned about appearances, you don’t need to worry about accordion hurricane shutters. In short, they come in a wide variety of colors to match your home or business.

Quality Products for Protection you can Count On

As a Southwest Florida company, we install accordion shutters that meet all the standards of ASTM E 1866, E 1996 International Residential Code. In other words, our accordion shutters are tested to withstand a Category 5 hurricane!

Get in Touch for Accordion Hurricane Shutters

If you are looking for affordable, high quality accordion shutters, contact Storm Guard Solutions. We have provided hurricane protection in Collier and Lee Counties for over two generations.  Our team has installed thousands of shutter systems and can properly enclose any home or business of any size. Contact us today for a free estimate.

accordion hurricane shutters

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